For nearly twenty years, Paul has worked in a variety of functions on large and small projects. His work has included documenting behind the scenes on Hollywood Blockbusters like Watchmen and Speedracer, creating innovative documentaries for PBS and sensitive insightful classical pieces with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and international talent like Gustavo Dudamel, Herbie Hancock, and John Litghgow.

Having left his native Austria to follow his calling to make films, Paul started at the New York Film Academy, took Classes at the Rockport College of Photo and Film and many other classes and workshops. His teachers include Robert Butler, Evin Lotman, Judith Weston and many others. Through his unique perspective on culture as an ex-Pat who traveled the world extensively, his education and experience, and his personal sensitivity, Paul developed the capacity to create deep authentic connections with his subjects, and capture their essence while not interrupting the artistic process that he is documenting.

Paul has directed, shot and produced a great variety of projects in Europe and the USA with an emphasis on documentary and music. Silver Lake, Los Angeles, has been his home since 2000, and if not out of town or working Paul can be found enjoying SoCal life.